Engine Service Models
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Engine service facilities vary so widely, we decided that each piece would be separate so the modeler could combine these "modules" together for the desired effect. This will be a whole series of items for servicing of locomotives.

Raised Engine Service Walkway

This module is the basic raised platform made of grated walkway with stairs at each end. The platform height has been designed to be with the sill top of most engines. There are provisions in the walkway for railings when used on outer tracks that are not double sided. When placed between two tracks, the railings can be omitted.

Item # Length Width Height $$
0001101(Z) 3.7 .27 .425 $18.95
1001101(N) 5.0" .395" .510" $17.95
2001101(HO) 9.25 .725 .935 $34.95

Walkways may be ganged together to provide a longer engine service walkway. Railings are included in Z-Scale & HO-Scale.



Raised Engine Service Railings

Attach a Railing to the Engine Service Walkway when the platform services a track only on one side.


Item# Length $$
1001103(N) 5.0" $5.95



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