Atlas Middlesex Kit Add-Ons
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All new product line developed to make you kit or kitbash of the Atlas Middlesex building into an eye catching structure.

Double Hung Windows
Made of super fine stainless steel, the outer sash folds over the window frame to give a true layered look of the correct thickness for these windows.
Stock # Windows Price
1001417 (N) 48 $22.50
2301417 (HO) -- $--.--





Swing-Out Opening Windows
Made of super fine stainless steel, the inner window frame is hinged as to be able opened by swinging out.
Stock # Windows Price
1001418 (N) 48 $19.95
2301418 (HO) -- $--.--



Window Exhaust Fans
Made of super fine stainless steel to give a true layered look of the correct thickness for these windows. The kit includes Both Single and Double Fans along with 3-Blade and 4-Blade of each.
Stock # Total Fans Price
 1001419 (N) 12 $14.95
2001419 (HO) -- $--.--



Fire Escapes
Designed for extremely fast build-up, the landings are one piece with the three railings folding up. Kit includes 3 landings, 2 angled stairs, roof ladder and sliding down ladder to reach the ground level.
Stock # Flights Price
 1001414 (N) 3 $--.--
 2001414 (HO) -- $--.--



Industrial Stairs
Industrial wide stairs with a top landing to allow access to building doors from ground level.
Stock # Qty Price
 1001415 (N) 4 $19.95
 2001415 (HO) -- $--.--



Freight Doors
 A total of four doors are provided, one closed door and one open door of each type. The doors are made of multiple layers to give each type a classic look. A stainless security gate is included for each of the two open doors.
Stock # Price
 1001415 (N) $14.95
 2001415 (HO) $--.--



Large Industrial Dust Collector
 This kit is a combination of cast resin, etched brass and styrene tubing. A real unique addition to any industrial building.
Stock # Price
 1001420 (N) $25.95




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