Electrical Substations
Large Plastic Insulators

24-Pack of US prototype Electrical Insulators

Item # Length Width Price
#1001413 (N) 1.85in .1in $3.50





Large Substation

Found all over the eastern US, these large Substations reduce the high voltage from the source to power the American infrastructure.

These Substations have been a critical component for the railroads. Found along every electrified line, these Substations keep the trains going

Engineered with tab & slot construction, this model can be built in just one evening. The kit includes the lattice tower, two large cast resin transformers and our new plastic insulators. The lattice tower can be either soldered, or assembled with a good CA glue (We recommend Zap-A-Gap from Pacer).


Item # Length Width Height Price
#1002503 (N) 7.5in 4in 5in $84.95





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