Tankcar Loading Platform
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50ft Tankcar Loading Platform

This kit is a quick one evening kit with exceptional details for servicing 50ft Tankcars such as the Athearn 50ft and the Atlas 17600gal Tankcar. The loading platform is modular where multiple platforms can be grouped end-to-end to create any length required. There is a small movable platform that is recessed and swings down to the tankcar. The deckway has the supporting structure for four delivery pipes where taps can be routed to the loading platform.


Stock # Length Width Height Price
0000703 (Z) Resv
1000703 (N) 4.0 .875 1.625 $23.50



Tankcar Loading Shelter

This add-on kit can be placed onto any of our Tankcar Loading Platforms to protect the loading of liquids from the weather.


Stock # Length Width Price
0000709 (Z) Resv
1000709 (N) 1.5 1.65 $8.95




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