How To Series ... Painting Brass

1. Using a very soft long bristled paint brush, wash all of the surfaces to be painted with Lacquer Thinner. Do NOT use Acetone if you assembled the kit with CA glue. The lacquer thinner will remove all of the tarnish protection and oils from the builders hands.

2. Without touching the model, remove it from the lacquer thinner and lightly dry the model with compressed air or a hair dryer. From this point on, clean latex gloves are recommended to keep the model clean.

3. Immerse the model in Vinegar for 90-120 seconds to lightly etch the smooth brass surface.

4. Rinse the model very well with warm water. Some builders immerse the model into warm water with baking soda to neutralize the acid. This does work well and used by myself most of the time. Should you use this method, you will need to rinse the model with warm running water.

5. Using a hair dryer, make sure all moisture is removed from the model.

6. Paint with your favorite pain within four hours.


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