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Building The Car Access Platform
Now that we have the Loading Frame completed, we can turn our attention to the rest of the brass components in the scene. First up is the Car Access Platform. This Platform allows worker access to the top of a loaded car where they can cover the chips with a mesh to hold the load in place.

Begin by removing the parts shown from the fret and clean off any tie remnants.

Place a Side Frame down on the work surface with the etched slots facing up. Take one End Frame and position it's tabs into the slots with the half-etched detail at the X-Bracing center Gussets facing OUTWARD. Notice the small small cross bracing goes toward the top. Attach the second End Frame to the Side Frame.

Now attach the second Side Frame to the assembly ensuring the End Frame tabs are in the Side Frame's slots.

The builder should notice that the tops of the Side & End Frames have tabs to align the Top Cap Strips.

Add both Top Cap Strips to the Side Frames first. Then add the Top Cap Strips to the End Frames.

The following components are needed to the Access Platform. Begin with the Grated Walkway. The bottom of the Walkway has three bend lines. Begin by bending the sides down into the bend line. Next, bend the Walkway end downward. Add the Railings into the holes and set aside.

The corrugated Hinged Walkway is built in the same manner. The bottom of the Walkway has two bend lines. Begin by bending the sides down into the bend line. Add the Railings into the holes and set aside.

Bend the Stairs in the same manner as down on the Loading Frame.

The Grated Walkway has two small slots that drop over the cross piece of the bottom X-Bracing. Secure the Grated Walkway to the frame. Add the Stairs to the end of the Grated Walkway.

Secure the Drop Platform to the Grated Walkway at an angle the will clear any car or loco that would be moving through.

Here is the completed two Frames together for reference.

Remove the two Pipe Supports and their Cap Strips from the kit sprue. Notice that the Center Support has tabs and the Cap Strips have slots. Also notice the the Cap Strips are "handed" and will only fit on to the Support one way.

Secure the Cap Strips to the Center Support as shown.

The Last item brass item in the kit is the Pump House. Begin by removing the shown items from the sprue and clean off all tie remnants.

Turn the House Siding over with the two bend lines facing up. Attach the door to the back of the Siding. Bend the siding into the the sided structure. Since the Pump House rests against the Holding Pen, the back is not needed.

Bend the Roof to the correct angle and then secure the Roof the the Siding.


In the next section, we will begin to build the laser-cut Holding Pen.


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