How To Series ... Building A Woodchip Loader (Page #3
Building The Holding Pen
The woodchip Holding Pen is two sided laser-cut ply with etched lines for the individual planks and the wall supports. Begin by removing the wood components from the sheet.

Glue the Wall Support Legs to the Plank Wall suing your preferred glue. The long Wall (parallels track) has 7 Supports while the perpendicular wall has 5 supports.

Glue the top Doubler to the wall. Remember, you must leave room on one Wall at the end for the other doubler when the two Walls are joined.

Join the two Wall segments.

Here is the Holding pen after being painted a medium tan.

The Delivery Pipe is comprised of two 90 degree elbows, two 45 degree elbows and 1/8 (.125)in styrene tubing. The Holding Pen can be located where ever the user wants. The following Tubing lengths are for the minimal configuration. The pipes segments that can be extended are indicated by (**).

Segment Length
A 1.125in (**)
B 3.125in
C 4.375in (**)
D 1.0625in
E 1.0in

Chamfer one end of segments A and E so they can be inserted easily. Build the Delivery Pipe as shown in the three images. Any styrene glue will do, but I prefer Ambroid Pro-Weld. This glue is the best I have used and find it easy to apply and great holding strength.

Here are two images of the components mocked-up ready for building the scenery.


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