How To Series ... Building A Brass Caboose (Page #2)
Building The Undercarriage
First place the Outer Floor with the detail facing up. Get together all of the other components; I-Beam Webs A & B, I-Beam Cap Strips, Bolster Ribs & Plates, Air Line.

Secure the two I-Beam Webs to the center of the Outer Floor. Bend the Air Hose in a "Z" bend to fit the angle in the I-Beam Webs. Install the Air Hose.

Add the Bolster Ribs by sliding the slots in the Ribs into the slots in the I-Beam Web. Secure the Ribs to the Outer Floor.

Next goes the I-Beam Cap Strips. The Cap Strips have slots on the underside and the Webs have notches. Once Secure, add the Bolster Plates over the Bolster Ribs. I am still waiting for my custom brass castings to arrive. Included in the kit will be Air Hoses, Air Reservoir, Brake Actuator and Selector Valve with .008 brass wire for the plumbing.

Test fit the Undercarriage trimming the Air Lines to the end of the Landings.


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