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Aggregate Conveyors B&O Signal Bridge (2&4-Track)
Aggregate Loader B&O Platform Mast Signal
Aggregate Unloader C&O Cantilevered Signal Bridge
Bus Stop New York Central Signal Bridge (2&4-Track)
Construction Trailer Mast Signals, B&O CPL
Electrical Tower Style #1 Mast Signals, Searchlight & Type D
Electrical Tower Style #2 Mast Signals, PRR CPL
Engine Service Stand PRR Lines East Signal Bridge (2, 3 & 4-Track)
Industrial Crane PRR Lines West Signal Bridge (2, 3 & 4-Track)
Industrial Ladders Southern Sill Signal Bridge
Oil Derrick SP-ATSF Cantilevered Signals
Oil Tank SP Early Signal Bridge (2, 3 & 4-Track)
PRR Crossbucks SP Late Signal Bridge(2, 3 & 4-Track)
PRR Hairpin Fences & Gates UP Cantilevered Signal Bridge
PRR 2-Pipe and 3-Pipe Railing    
Passenger Platforms


Quonset Hut B&O S1 and S2 Stockcars
Radio Tower Bulldozer Wreck Flatcar
Train Sheds Chlorine Tank Flat Car
Team Track Crane D&RGW Stockcar
Tankcar Loading Platform (All Sizes) PRR G22 Gondola
Tankcar Loading Platform Shelter PRR H30 and H30 Covered Hopper
Tankcar Platform Crossover Bridge & Stairs PRR K7a Stockcar
Woodchip Loading Facility PRR N6b Centered & Offset Cupola Caboose
Yard Tower NYC Lot 919 / PC-CR N-7B Caboose
NYC Lot 977 / PC-CR N-6A Caboose


NYC Lot 103 / PC-CR N-9A Caboose
Deck Girder SP C-30-4/6 Bay Window Caboose
Parker Thru Truss Bridge SP C-40-1/3 Cupola Caboose
Pratt Thru Truss Bridge (Single & Double) SP S-40-8 Stockcar
Skewed Girder Bridge 7500CuFt Woodchip Gondola
Straight Girder Bridge (Single & Double) 76ft Tie & Rail Car
76ft Boom Car

Vehicles & Marine

Car Carrier 89ft Bethlehem Flucsh-Deck TOFC
Wilson Auto Ramp



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